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STEP 1: Choose Your Grillz

Choose your favorite grillz from our collection. Discover endless possibilities from solid to diamond dust gold teeth. Add the gold grillz to your cart and purchase your gold teeth from checkout.

STEP 2: Molding Kit

Receive your molding kit and instructions via USPS. Properly complete the molding kit. Send the mold back with the provided return label via USPS.

STEP 3: Receive Your Grillz

After we receive your completed molds, our designers will make your custom gold grillz. We will notify you with a USPS tracking number upon completion. 

Ever since the 1980s, gold teeth has been a trend for hip hop stars. The term “gold teeth” is also known as “grillz”. Gold grillz have first been worn by popular hip hop stars, but it is now transformed into a trendy fashion statement. More and more celebrities are wearing the jewelry nowadays. Celebrities like Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Kanye West have first began to wear grillz, but now the market has expanded to other celebrities like Post Malone, the Kardashians, and the Jenners. Recently, Kendall Jenner was spotted wearing grillz to the extravagant London Fashion Week, and Kim Kardashian posted a picture of herself wearing a gold and diamond grill. The highly praised Post Malone was spotted wearing pink diamond grillz when he flashed a smile to his fans. The number of people wearing the hip hop jewelry is rapidly rising by millions every year. Since celebrities are a huge influence to the hip hop and rap culture, people want to buy their own set of gold grillz and flash a huge smile with their bedazzled new bling.

     We, here at, would like to offer this trendy fashion jewelry piece to everyone all over the world. Not only will the hip hop stars be wearing the highly popularized gold teeth, but everyone all over the world can wear them as well. Our company was first created by jewelry collectors in the heart of New York City. When our creators had their first encounter with gold teeth, they were astonished by the simple, yet sophisticated jewelry piece. From then on, our creators wanted to share the highly popularized gold teeth by hand making each product by the finest designers in the country. From a startup company that began in the basement of a small apartment, our company has rapidly grown and expanded to the major cities of the country. We have broadened our offices to Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta. Now, people from all over the country, including international customers, can enjoy a share of their own custom gold teeth.

     Wearing gold teeth is a strong fashion statement as shown by the influence of Lil Wayne, Drake, and others. While customers could wear their grillz to emphasize their teeth, customers can also pair their gold teeth with sunglasses or even other shiny oversized jewelry like chains, rings, and bracelets to fully experience the hip hop culture. People can wear their new gold bling, or even as simple as gold caps, to a party or club and show them off to everyone around. Showing off grillz can be a part of one’s pride, and that is why puts in the hard work to make sure every customer will want to flash their gold teeth to the world. From Kendall Jenner’s gold cap grillz, to Post Malone’s pink diamond grillz set, there are endless possibilities of designs. Here at, we offer grillz that are affordable. The celebrities may wear grillz that are worth a fortune, but we would like the millions of people wanting to wear grillz to purchase a set of their own that are affordable. offers a variety of styles and designs. We offer different types of metals and designs that can be customized by the preference of the customer. Our website offers many popular designs that our designers have composed for the indulgence of our customers. Because we are a custom gold teeth company, we accept custom designs that are not on the website upon the customers’ request. We offer designs from a solid statement piece to a sophisticated diamond dust piece with crystallized cubic zirconias. We offer all of our products in a variety of metals which includes silver, yellow gold, and white gold. Our silver is pure .925 silver. We offer yellow gold in 10k (41.6% gold), 14k (58.5% gold), and 18k (75.0%) gold. Our white gold is offered in 10k and 14k. Every product on our website can be customized into the choice of metal chosen by our customer. Our products are made purely with the designated metal and it is never plated. All of our products are guaranteed authentic. Each order placed by the customer is handcrafted upon the placement of the order, specially made to the customers’ request.

     Our website consists of many designs and choice of metals that may be hard to choose from. To ensure that customers find the perfect set of gold teeth, we highly recommend that customers carefully take a look at our website because we offer different grillz at different price points. In order to purchase custom gold grillz that fit the budget, customers should explore the various designs that we offer. In most cases, we can customize any design, or even create new designs at the customer’s request, and apply it to any type of metal.

     We have been operating for over 20 years and we are proud of our products. We stand by our promise to customer satisfaction, and we make this happen with our highly trained customer service agents. Our customer service agents will do their best to resolve any complaints or questions customers may have. We, here at, would love for each and every person to have a set of custom gold teeth that he or she can display to the world. With every crystal or every diamond cut, we hope that customers will enjoy their products to the fullest.